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The Band

The basic idea of 3logit (Trilogit) was no less than to set up a lively band performing the music which, up to the present days, is executed only by DJ´s. Thus a kind of cyborg music started – a digital/analog/human interface was born. The band works on principles of musical LAN (local access network) in a star topology consisting of 5 elements:

The Musicians

The „organic“ part of the band has following personal configuration: All the musicians have performed rock and metal during their artistic past and they still keep that special touch of the hard´n´heavy musical feeling. However, they modify it genetically with the cutting-edge electronic dance genres such as dubstep and drum´n´bass.

The Server

The server, often called „the fifth member of the band“, basically acts as the band´s brain and a conductor at the same time. It was built up from selected pieces of dedicated heavy-duty audio computer hardware. Its modules operate several professional sound-processing software applications simultaneously providing all the band members with the specific, thoroughly designed and engineered sounds of their instruments in real time.

The Music

The overal band´s instrumental compositions and arrangements implement the rock guitar sound into the patterns of modern electronic dance music. Mixed together these styles create a unique, uparalelled sound of the band. The digitalized guitar warmness enriches the cool synthetic sound creations within the inventive pulsating beats.

3logit cooperates with

Marvin Black - promotion, mentor

Martina WARRIORWOMAN Hošková - lyrics

Lenka Kristiánová - costumes

Nina Ščamborová - music videos, photography - UV technique

Jan Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka - sponsoring

„Proti hluposti se bojovat musí, ale vyhrát se nedá!“ Jan Werich